Some new "One of a kind jewellery " added recently

I've been concentrating on adding more, " one of a kind jewellery" lately. I've had a lot of requests for colourful stone pendants. My favourite was this gorgeous purple pendant, which not surprisingly sold straight away because the colour is so vivid. 
Another recent piece, is a really colourful sea sediment jasper necklace.  The silver is all solid sterling. I've used 1.5mm round wire  so it's really sturdy.  It would definetly catch peoples eyes, wearing this necklace.
Some other colourful pendants i've added this month are my red heart Agate pendant, and purple sea sediment jasper pendant. 
This is one of my new rings, it is a one of a kind size M.  The stone is raw pink Botswana agate. 
This one of a kind pendant is solid sterling silver, with a lovely gemstone set into it.
I will be adding a lot more to this collection, as i'm getting gemstones delivered every other day. So keep popping by to keep up to date. :)