Some recent jewellery added

I've been adding more one of a kind rings lately.  I buy most of my stones from India. There will be some pendants with gemstones added soon, but my next project is to add more earrings to my collection.

This one i made is one of my favourites, it has some gorgeous colours in it.  It's sterling silver with a Labradorite stone in it.  It's a size P. I make them a bigger size because of the size of the stones, although i will be adding some smaller one's pretty soon. 


This one is Sterling silver with a blue moonstone in the center. I tend to be working with blue stones a lot lately. :)


I really like this stone, it's Chrysocolla with some lovely blue/green colours in it. 

And finally my all sterling silver guardian angel key ring, with a brass heart on the chest. I was asked to make this for a customer, so i decided to add it to my website as angels are so popular. It can also be worn as a pendant, if you take it off the ring. 

There will be some cuff bangles with gemstones and some earrings added in the next week.