New jewellery using Turquoise

I've always been a big lover of blues and greens when it comes to gemstones. Recently i've been buying up lots of stones, Lapiz Lazuli, Azurite, chrysocolla and Tibetan turquoise. So i now have plenty to play with. :)

These are just a very small sample of some of them. I have all the equipment now to cut my own stones and polish them., although some do look a lot better left raw.  


Below is a pendant i've just added to my website. It's all sterling silver and set with a Lapiz Lazuli stone, which has some gold flecks in it. The leaves were etched to get the veins to show up. I thought i would put this on a long chain, so it can move around freely. I gave the pendant and chain a dip in Liver sulphur, to get a nice patina on the silver. 

This next pendant is sterling silver with Turquoise chips and sterling silver dots. It comes with a 18" chain.

I've made the next pendant using Tibetan Turquoise, and sterling silver. I've finished the pendant off with a patina finish. I was going to sell it just as a pendant, but decided to add a chain with it. 

My last recent piece added is this Tibetan Turquoise cuff. The cuff is made from sterling silver 6mm width.  It is solid silver, not hollow like a lot of cuffs and bangles sold in retail. I sell matching native american stamped cuff that match this. 

I will be adding a lot more jewellery this month, so i'll keep you in touch.