New pendants and earrings

  • I've been making some new pendants to add to my website. Now i have a diamond cutter i can shape my own gemstones. This first one is made from sterling silver with a Lapis Lazuli set into it. At the top of the pendant is also a solid sterling silver ball.
  • This next one has a Chrysophase stone cut and set into it.This is one of my favourite stones, the greens can really stand out. 
  • I've been buying quite a few types of briolettes lately.  These new earrings are popular, they have blue apatite briolettes on them.  The camera doesn't do the gemstone justice, they shine lovely in the light. 
  • I will be adding some jewellery made using large citrine briolettes. Some pendants with chains and some earrings with them.