New jewellery for March

I've been adding to my earring collection quite a bit lately. Earrings are a popular buy for customers, because you don't have to worry about getting a size right like you do with rings and bangles.  I try to add a good range not everyone has the same taste, so there are more studs this month and more lengthy earrings

These gypsy style earrings are more to my taste, i like a dangly earring. These are all sterling silver with African turquoise cabochons set into them. I added sterling silver baubles for the movement.

I was asked if i could make some Egyptian style earrings, so i came up with these long ankh earrings.  They are made from sterling silver with hammered brass as the cross. They look a lot better in the flesh, trying to get the hammered effect from the brass to show up is quite a challenge.

I've added more studs to my collection, not everyone likes to wear big bold earrings.  The diamond shaped studs are made from chunky sterling silver. 

These next studs are a variation on the one's above. I added hammered sterling silver triangle to the chunky diamond, so there's that bit of movement from them.

These long heart earrings are made from sterling silver.  They have a pattern etched into them. I've recently bought more equipment to do more patterned jewellery.