Some new earrings added

I've been working on some new earrings to add to my website. I recently had a circle stamp custom made online, so i can now make stamped cards for my studs. So now i'm remaking some of my current studs and taking new pictures for my site.  If you have visited my site website recently, you'll see that i have changed the theme on it to bring it more up to date. So a lot of out dated jewellery will be coming off to make way for new pieces.                                                                                                                                                                            

I was asked the other week if i could add more studs, because these are ideal presents for both adults and children. These new tiny fancy heart studs fit the brief pretty well i think. More will be added over the next month or so.


These new sterling silver i my favourite at the moment. I must admit it took me all afternoon to get the flower just right. It took a few attempts to perfect it, so it didn't look like a bug. :)  I like the drop on these earrings, I will be adding more in this style. I have quite a few designs down on paper ready to make. 


I bought these abalone shells from a little shop i visit quite often in Whitby. The colour isn't showing up so well on here, but these are so vibrant when seen up close. They will become earrings or studs, i haven't come up with any designs for them just yet. 

More pendants will be coming to my website soon, i'll keep you all notified when they get get finished.